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Munkestuen Resturant


Munkestuen Resturant
Klosterg. 12
5005  BERGEN
Tlf: 55 90 21 49

Åpningstider: (Sist oppdatert 2004-06-11 10:21:01)


Vi har desverre ikke skrevet noen beskrivelse av dette stedet enda. Hvis du har tid og anledning, er vi takknemlige hvis du skriver noen ord i kommentarfeltet nedenfor. Dine meninger er like verdifulle som våre.

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Hva sier andre om Munkestuen Resturant

- 2005-07-15 01:22:38

i have been so busy telling one and all about the wonderful meal, and also the rare madeira after the meal you were so gracious to serve, that i have neglected to write you and thank you.
it was a great treat for us, and made our rip to scandinavia, and norway particularly , even better.
we went from bergen to mundal and stayed at the wonderful old hotel mundal, and thence to trondheim and the boat to nordcape and kirkeness. what a marvelous experience.
thank you for your delightful establishment, and thank you for your part in a beautiful and rewarding norwegian holiday.
i should add we went to hotelhordaheimer foir the thursday night dinner. my wife and i thorougly enjoyed it ( although it was not our friends cup of tea and they opted to dine elsewhere.
thank you again. we certainly wll be beggibng for a reservation when next we get to bergen.
joel and cathy jacobson